Garage Door Questions

You deserve answers for all of your garage door questions in Marysville, WA. Classic Garage Door Service, LLC is your source for modern garage doors and reliable repairs. Review these critical questions and think of any you might have for our team of technicians.

Q: Why won’t my garage door close?

A: The most common cause is the photo eyes are out of alignment or blocked.

Q: Why won’t my garage door automatically open when the button is pushed?

A: The most common cause is a broken spring causing the door to be too heavy to lift.

Q: Why does my garage door make loud noises?

A: Most garage doors should be properly lubed, inspected, and tuned up by a professional every two years.

Q: Why does my garage door open on its own?

A: There are a number of answers, including:

  • Faulty Wall Switch
  • Radio Interference from Military Communications
  • Codes Were Never Cleared and Reprogrammed (It’s Like Changing the Locks on the Front Door)

Q: Can we replace just the damaged panel on our garage door or do we have to replace the whole door?

A: As we offer free estimates, having us come out and look at your door will answer that. In addition to us coming out, you can also send us some pictures, and we can usually offer a solution before we arrive.

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